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Street Fighter | Dev

Street Fighter | Ultimate Every Fighter has Super AI & Combos. This game development  started out with first release of mugen source code in dos and now is currently ongoing as a hobby.

Character List:
Dead Bison ( Tweaked with time delay on Death Shield + infinite Psycho levels) /God, Omega, Chaos Rugal /Nitro Akuma (Moves at turbo speed + Hard AI) /Shin Akuma (Has more Power + AI) /Orochi Akuma /Omega Rugal /Evil Ryu /Evil Ken /Chaos Ryu (Gargoyle Resurrected by me) /Violent Ken /Orochi Iori /Nitro Bison /Chunli /Mai /Terry Bogard /Yamazaki /Zangief /Rolento /Dhalsim /Sagat /Violent Sagat / Sakura /Dan /Vice /Balrog /Guy /Krizalid /Iori /Nash / Howard (Geese)

Gameplay Videos:

Watch my Youtube Channel for more cool Street Fighter