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Dead Space | Insight

A few months back I began searching for scary games that made the top ten after Doom 3 had vaporized into thin air ... I heard alot of hype about Dead Space and made it my mission to get my hands on a copy. Finally I did and all I can say is wow! Really there are no words that can describe the game - you have to experience it for yourself.

I played Doom 3 quiet alot and after a while you get used to baddies but in Dead Space no matter how many times you play it you will never be fully prepared - Mainly because the Monsters are extremely realistic with life like features and human flesh that actually shows transparent skin muscle and bone density, Veins, dynamic movements, very detailed and what makes it worse are the sound effects. Its like being inside an epic horror movie and you are the hero that gets up close and personal with insanely scary looking mean deadly creatures that only want to consume and devour you.

The game engine is really sweet and runs very smooth on my Laptop (320M 24shaders/2.2 C2Duo 2Gb)- with the Graphics Shader at high all special effects turned on and even with shadows at 1024 x 768 the fps scales between 60 to 110 fps - shadows of :) / shadows on high gets between 45 to 92 fps I always thought that Dead Space used the Unreal engine but I was wrong It actually uses the Visceral Engine that spawned the Godfather game which is simply amazing for developers to scale technology this far.I would have never guessed. I admire developers that don't just use the latest taxing 3d tech which demands high end Hardware to be playable.If you need more performance from your rig visit my Asus k50id x1 Tweak guide.

Tip:"C:\Users\user name\AppData\Local\Electronic Arts\Dead Space\settings.txt"
Change the window width to 1164 to get a crisper image without changing the resolution to 1280x720 Download my Dead Space Settings here

Anyway back to the game - Its really scary !!! I even decided to play with shadows off just to cool down the adrenalin factor - People with weak hearts should not play this game at all period, You will get a heart attack and it may be fatal. Game developers should put some warning about that on the Game box somewhere, as I play Dead Space mostly at night in my bed with lights off - I had quiet a few scary moments that I had to recover from. I guess the first time is always the worst, but I enjoyed every second of it.

Note I am not a Hardcore gamer - I am a casual gamer... Right from the start the game is awesome...and just gets better all the way to the end. For me this game is not a 5 star Game but a 7 star, Top Quality Scalability Playability, Graphics and Sound. - I can only find just 1 flaw the Game has so many events and chapters yet only has 20 save slots which is sad as I would like to keep all my saves as I progress not end up saving over them. As this allows you to re live cool moments along way whenever you feel like.

Just downloaded a Trainer Unlimited credits, ammo, health etc. Its how the game should be played - epic stuff !

The good stuff - Firstly what excited me about this game wasn't the hype but when I saw pictures of the Character suit / Rig as its called I was totally sold - The rig is awesome as it has the classic Iron man structure and as I am a big Iron man fan that was it for me - Imagine fighting the scariest creatures in deepest part of space while inside an Iron Man suit absolutely brilliant !

The Sequel Dead Space 2 has taken the Rig to the next level and is more closely styled to the Iron Man Movie suit but The Core in the center is missing so its not a complete clone as the core is at the back  - and Has many original features unique to the game which is good. Just watch the youtube videos & you will know what I mean.

And If you think that's all, there's a whole lot more on Dead Space. Check out the animated feature film released prior to the game.

Dead Space 2 is Dead Space with Turbo Charged Rig:

Dead Space Rig Level 6 Suit: (I still think the level 5 suit looks better)

There is even a live action movie currently being development for release in 2010/11 and work on the Dead Space 3 game has already begun ! These guys really know how to get Dead Space out there...

Are all the big game developers ignoring the PC market (Codemasters & EA)
Xbox Owners rejoice as PC Owners are again ignored and recieve no DLC Pack Content for the PC - I am tempted to start a blog about these issues - PC users are being milked for money and then not receiving any support or new content for games and the list is and names are quiet long. Xbox Dead Space DLC Pack