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Need for Speed Shift:
Game Cons:
  • Game xml settings file causes the game to crash plus performance and graphic issues and a few bugs here and there. ( I could not believe my eyes as the game crashed on the starting of the career mode)
How do games make it on the shelves without passing the Quality and compatibility check by developers is beyond me. - Luckily there is a fix for this. Although playable with 2gigs of Ram you will want to upgrade to 4gigs or even 8gigs of Ram as the Asus K50id x1 shows its limits here but remember this game has alot of bugs and this is not the final code. (v1.0r) That said Upgrading the CPU and Hard Drive should make things much faster. The funny thing is I tried installing Shift on a Core i5 430m system, Ati 5470 512mb, 4gigs ram and guess what Shift was totally unplayable at 15 frames per second and lower - Shift has to be patched for Ati cards. Woot Woot - My low end system beats an i5 430m in Nfs Shift !!!

Cpu Speed Boost tip: After you load the game hold alt key down & press tab to switch to desktop - right click on the taskbar - click task manager - go to processes find shift.exe right click / Set priority / change to above normal. - Now switch back to the game with alt tab keys and notice the speed boost menus are faster & gameplay !!!

Shift is perfectly playable at 800x600 with 2xAA low track detail / effects quality 0 / shadows medium - You might think this isn't that great but the game engine is so advanced (high poly count) that it actually looks like 1024x768 res. The game is playable at 1024x768 without AA but the frame rate will drop to 25 at some places.

FrameRate Update: After doing some crazy modding and tweaking to the game, 1024x768 gets above 30 fps without AA and 800x600 with 2xAA shoots up into the 100 fps plus region ! 1280x720 is now playable with 2xAA / 4xAA but will drop into the 20 fps now and then.Fastest setting is still 800x600 with no AA- New found Sweet Spot setting at 1024x576 above 30fps into the 60's with 4xAA & looks great.

Note:The patch v1.02 | v1.03 fixes most bugs and improves performance issues plus extra cars... so if you want the most performance get the patch.I will upload my Game settings file here soon ! Need for Speed Shift Mods to be uploaded soon !

Shift Benchmarks -Modded : Removed Crowds / Removed Extra Track Objects / Reduced Animations / Tweaked Speed Dof Settings / Tweaked Lighting / Removed Blur effect / Removed B&W filter from crashes | Removed Big Start up Lights | (Just added: Now Removed Damage Driver Car Only | Reduced the Particle effects - looks more real now. Finally I improved the Responsiveness of the cars reaction, grip / cornering / braking and turning - more playable & realistic driving.

If you think the game looks bad after all these tweaks, it now has a sleek Top Gear Style look which is what I was aiming for from the start. The standard game looks more like a kids game with all the extra stuff. The benchmarks below are without Particle Tweaks.

Cpu / Gpu Settings: 2.2ghz (56c-66c) - 622 / 900 / 1420 (66c-75c)  - room & no cooling / ac
Nordschleife Track 4 (Audi R8 no opponents)

Gameplay FPS Result:   800x600 no AA     =  Min 71 / Max 127 / Avg 97
Replay FPS Result:        800X600 no AA    =  Min 40 / Max 115 / Avg 63
Gameplay FPS Result:   800x600 2xAA      =  Min 63 / Max 122 / Avg 83
Replay FPS Result:        800X600 2xAA     =  Min 38 / Max 98 / Avg 56 
Gameplay FPS Result:   800x600 4xAA      =  Min 63 / Max 128 / Avg 84
Replay FPS Result:        800X600 4xAA     =  Min 37 / Max 96 / Avg 56 
Gameplay FPS Result:   1024x768 no AA      =  Min 52 / Max 110 / Avg 72
Replay FPS Result:        1024x768 no AA     =   Min 27 / Max 84 / Avg 44 
Gameplay FPS Result:   1024x768 2xAA      =  Min 44 / Max 84 / Avg 60 
Replay FPS Result:        1024x768 2xAA     =   Min 24 / Max 67 / Avg 38 
Gameplay FPS Result:   1024x768 4xAA      =  Min 44 / Max 88 / Avg 60 
Replay FPS Result:        1024x768 4xAA     =   Min 24 / Max 67 / Avg 39 
Gameplay FPS Result:   1280x720 no AA      =  Min 46 / Max 93 / Avg 63
Replay FPS Result:        1280x720 no AA     =   Min 24 / Max 73 / Avg 39 
Gameplay FPS Result:   1280x720 2xAA      =  Min 38 / Max 73 / Avg 52
Replay FPS Result:        1280x720 2xAA     =   Min 21 / Max 58 / Avg 34
Gameplay FPS Result:   1280x720 4xAA      =  Min 38 / Max 76 / Avg 52
Replay FPS Result:        1280x720 4xAA     =   Min 22 / Max 59 / Avg 34 

Note: Remember the above benchmarks are for one car & no opponents / I will be doing another set of runs with real time game play such as Car Battles and Career Mode Races - with my Top Gear Style settings only 1024x576 HD wide screen windowed. All the game needs now is Jeremy Clarkson's / James May & Richard Hammond's voices as commentators.

Nfs Shift | Top Gear Style Screen-shots Update: 1024x576 - 4xAA settings file here

Click here for more photos

Seems like a Top Gear Moment:

Now I must say this - I recorded this with Fraps on my 2.2ghz (not overclocked just tweaked out system) but overclocked Graphics card almost perfectly smooth... wow

Gameplay Benchmarks 1024x576 4xAA: Nordschleife Track 4 
Min 55 / Max 108 / Avg 75 fps (Audi R8 no opponents)
Min 27 / Max 84 / Avg 52 fps (Audi R8 with 15 opponents same class)