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This a Screen shot of my desktop - My system - Asus K50id x1 / Windows 7 64bit basic / 2gb ddr3 1066 Kingston / nvidia 1gb GT320m / Core2duo T4400 2.2ghz (2200mhz) nforce 730i
  • 1. All the icons that you don't use trash them, keep only the important ones.
  • 2. Right click the recycle bin and set custom sizes for them mine is 320mb for C drive and others are set to remove files immediately.
  • 3. Go to Control panel remove any programs you don't use includes any trial software that came with laptop. Carefull not to remove any system programs.
  • 4. Your wallpaper should not be more than 1mb in size mine is at 43k.
  • 5. Turn your screen saver off - you don't have to.
  • 6. Right click on desktop click screen resolution / display / adjust brightness change to high performance. - Set all power buttons to do nothing - Put computer to sleep never - Turn off display never - Dim display 5 minutes on battery and 1 hour plugged in.
  • 7. Go to Control panel / system / advanced system settings - Remote Tab uncheck box - System Protection click configure drop down to 2 or 4% - Only turn on for C drive (system windows drive) - Advanced Tab - click Settings select custom uncheck all boxes and leave only use drop shadow for icon labels checked. Click Advanced Tab again - click change button and set to the windows recommended size - mine is set to initial 3070 and max 4096.
  • 8. Change the windows colour scheme to windows classic.
  • 9. Download the Classic Start Menu here http://www.classicstartmenu.com
  • 10.Turn off all windows update settings in the Control panel.
  • 11. Click Start / Run type msconfig - ok / Startup Tab - Uncheck all unwanted items that are not important that you don't need or use.
Startup Items - Trimmed down:
Download Startup Items Screenshots:
Even the Eeestorage backup and Elan smart pad items are turned off - Notice only my Nod32 anti virus and autorun remover and classic start menu are active
  • 12. Go to my computer and disable autorun feature on all drives - just right click and choose default action set to take no action. - this can help you against autorun viruses etc.
  • 13. Download the free Autorun Remover here http://www.autorunremover.com
  • 14. Open any folder / Organize / folder and search options - uncheck hide extensions for known file types.
  • 15. Install Nod32 anti virus as this is the fastest among all packages period go here for download
  • 16. Organize your start menu - remove any unwanted entries you don't need.
  • 17. Disable indexing on all drives just right click on drive and uncheck allow contents to be indexed.
  • 18. Get a Portable web browser - The World browser / Opera / Firefox (Portable versions)
  • 19. Go to user accounts in C panel and change UAC Settings to never notify / turn off.
  • 20. Turn off unwanted Services you don't need / C panel / Administrative tools / Services - Right click on each one and click properties to change start up type.
Turn off unwanted services:
Download screen shots of my services configuration click here
*Disable the Aero theme feature - I don't have aero as it is not in windows 7 64bit basic.
*The services tweaks will turn off your firewall so only turn off if you have good Antivirus with built in Firewall.

Ram tweak for Windows 7:
When you open the task manager (Right click on Taskbar to access) You will notice the top svchost.exe processes will be using about 80mb - just right click on it it and click end process tree to free about 200mb of Ram :) - big speed boost ! (You may lose wireless connection service) To clear ram after gaming for a long time - just Log off the user and Log back on -I always get 1580/ 1680 / 1720 MB of Ram free available.


Brandon Hudson said...

Nice post with awesome points! Can’t wait for the next one.

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