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Asus K50id x1 | Unleashed

I recently purchased the Asus k50id x1 laptop due to the great price and the 1 gig nvidia 320m graphics card would have enough kick for some gaming now and then as I am a casual Gamer, but as I found out later that the Graphics card has only 128bit memory and ddr3 not Gddr3 or Gddr5 - with only 24 cores. The nvidia 320m Core clock of 500mhz the same as my old Geforce 6100 go seemed very strange indeed. Anyway after doing some in depth research I did alot of tweaking and fine tuning - the same Asus k50id x1 with just a few tweaks runs dead space, race driver grid, jericho, devil may cry 4 very smoothly.

Buyers Tips for Gamers: Make sure your graphics card is at least a 1gb if you are getting a ddr3 type. You should be really getting a Directx 10 / 11 based card with Gddr 3 / 5 memory type with at least 1gb ram - Your Cpu does'nt have to be a Quad Core as Game developers are still coding for dual core systems and you will only need a Quad Core after 2years - That said a 2.4 /2.6 / 2.8 / 3.0 ghz Core2duo (Socket P) is more than enough and 4gb of ddr3 ram 1066 / 1333 - If you need more performance upgrade your Hard drive to a Crucial Solid state HD that may triple your systems Data Bandwith. Don't just run out and buy the Anything the looks good but doesn't perform well. Make sure you get a system that allows for Quad Core upgrade path for the future.

For those that have other Laptops | There are still some tweaks that you can learn about in my Guide that will give some performance gains. Please manually make restore points all along the way as you make changes. (After the system is fully tweaked I don't advise turning the restore function off just drop it down to 2 / 3% better to be safe than without a system at all)


Brandon Hudson said...

Nice post with awesome points! Can’t wait for the next one.

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