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3dMark 2005 Scores !

3dMark 2005
has long been used as a standard benchmark for gaming systems and laptops. Most entry level laptops won't run 3dMark 2005 at all however the Asus k50id x1 with its 320m GT 1Gig ddr3 dedicated graphics card should just have enough juice for the job.

The Benchmark results: (Cpu @2.6ghz + overclocked 320GT)
640x480 = 11259
1024x768 = 9458
1024x768 = 9406
(bi linear filtering)
1280x720 = 9006

As you can see above the 9000 mark is a great score for this laptop as the video card and Cpu are both entry level spec although overclocked *A stock score will be tested soon for comparison