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2.2ghz | 2.4ghz | 2.6ghz | Turbo Boost

Even though I explain how to do this My stock system running at 2.2ghz runs games fine with just the Gpu Higher clocked. (Race driver grid, Dead Space, Jericho @ 1024x768 with AA) - I hardly use the Turbo Boost Mode, but its there if you want to.
  • 12. Download the nvidia system tools v6 click here.
Only choose the performance option when installing. - Open the Nvidia Control Panel - go to Performance / Device Settings - Choose Cpu and adjust by 3mhz at a time fsb until 218 to get to 2.4ghz / 2400mhz ----- goes up to 2.6ghz safely without crashing.

Note: Only do this if you know your Ram can work at that speed as you will also increase the memory speed from 1066 to 1162, and do not save your setting to apply at startup just do it when you need some extra speed. * I have played Race Driver Grid at 2.6 ghz (really smooth) - the system did not crash but I advice not to this 24/7 - although temps were still the same for Cpu and Gpu - remember the other components are on the motherboard are running much faster but I don't know how hot. - that said I have a friend that's running his at 2.66Ghz perfectly fine.Temps are still the same and idle between 30 and 40 for Cpu / Gaming between 40 to 63-Graphics card idles between 45 to 50-Gaming between 55 - 68 which is normal.


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Nice post with awesome points! Can’t wait for the next one.

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