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Asus K50id x1 | Review

During my search for an affordable mobile gaming rig I came across the Asus k50id x1 - After using it for quiet some time I can safely say the laptop performs very well for the mainstream entry level market. Alot of reviews online gave the Asus k50id x1 poor to average reviews but I disagree with them.

When reviewing a product for the mid range gaming sector Reviewers should not attempt to run game benchmarks at high resolutions (1366x768 / 1280x720) with all effects turned on and give the Asus K50id x1 a poor rating.

Remember this is a mid range Laptop which means it will play most new games at 1024x768 and some at 1280x720 with medium shader settings and almost all effects turned on which is more than enough for most casual gamers. This proves that the Asus k50id x1 is an excellent mid range performer.

I have tested Dead Space, Race Driver Grid, Clive Barker's Jericho, Devil May Cry 4, Unreal Tournament 2007 and they are all perfectly smooth with a small boost to the Gpu Clock from 500/790/1100 up to 575/820/1410 using the Tech Powerup Gpu Tool.

Don't believe all the reviews out there - do your own research on products you are interested in and make a good calculated decision.

Buyers Tips for Gamers: Make sure your graphics card is at least a 1gb if you are getting a ddr3 type. You should be really getting a Directx 10 / 11 based card with Gddr 3 / Gddr 5 memory type with at least 1gb ram - Your Cpu does'nt have to be a Quad Core as Game developers are still coding for dual core systems and you will only need a Quad Core after 2years - That said a 2.4 /2.6 / 2.8 / 3.0 ghz Core2duo is more than enough and 4gb of ddr3 ram 1066 / 1333 - If you need more performance upgrade your Hard drive to a Solid State HD that may triple your systems Data Bandwith. Don't just run out and buy the Anything the looks good but doesn't perform well. Make sure you get a system that allows for Quad Core upgrade path for the future or High end Dual Core processors that have more L2 / L3 Cache 4MB or 6MB.

I hope this clears up some doubt about the Asus k50id x1 Laptop and helps many others out there.