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Race Driver Grid - Modded Tested and Tweaked
Game Cons:
  • The first thing I hate about the game is the post process filter that gives the game an ugly yellowish tint - I mean have you watched v8 super cars or le-mans on tv or even F1 - during the live footage did you ever see a yellowish glare / tint over the track or cars anywhere. - absolutely nothing.
  • Secondly the Crowds feature is cool but not so cool when the people don't look real at all - I mean why couldn't they take actual photo's of spectators on track and use that instead of little 3d stick like objects that look like toys
  • Thirdly this isn't so bad but having smoke effects is nice but too much of it isn't any good - As you play the game you will notice the smoke / particle effects are way too much - tyre smoke from real cars don't really put out that much even when braking at high speeds.
  •  Finally - The most important option any racing game should have has been left out of the game after watching your replay after a race there isn't any option to save it - none at all - (Race driver 3 had this option) - This is really a big let down for me as Nobody has been able to code a hack or fix for this yet.
  • The lack of cut scenes or small movies as you progress in career mode shows sloppy work from codemasters other than the game intro movie.
Game Pro's:
  • The Ego engine gives the game lovely graphics almost photo real with real time ray tracing effects.
  • The replay feature is very awesome - you have to see it know.
  • The Trees in the game also look good even when set to low quality.
  • The menu interface is perfect - fast and easy to navigate.
My Grid Sweet Spot Tweaks:
  • To get rid of the bad yellowish tint effect -  Find the file called hardware_settings_config.xml and set post process enabled to false. - <postprocess enabled="false" blur="false" /> - found in my documents codemasters / hardware settings folder / ~ config.xml
  •  If you also don't like the crowds it can easily be turned off in the advanced graphics setting in the game - do this when setting lap times as the crowds can distract now and then.
  • Particle Amount tweak - Effects folder / config.xml - set amount from 16000 to 1000 and emiters to 10 - looks more realistic as smoke evaporates quicker plus performance gain. and set this in Hardware config - <particles enabled="true" collisions="false" max="250" /> then go to Game system folder / restrictions.xml & set again <restrict_int_range name="max" default="1000" min="250" max="1000" />
  • Double your framerate by setting the backbuffer from 4xmsaa to 0 <back_buffer level="0" /> and set minimap level to 0 also as the minimap does'nt need AA just the game. <minimap level="0" />. 
  • If you don't care too much about the trees quality - <trees visibility="180" low="180" high="60" lodQuality="0" />
  • Pro's don't need mirrors <mirrors enabled="false" forceBilinear="false" width="512" height="128" /> 
  • Lastly to remove the Replay icons from the bottom of the screen Download this File (Replay Mod) and replace the states.bin file in the game system folder | Enjoy ! My Hardware settings
Dargos Mod for Higher Quality Graphics:  

Benchmarks for Full Game here v1.0: (Game runs much faster than the demo)  
Cpu / Gpu Settings: 2.2ghz - 575 / 900 / 1325  
Game Settings: 1280x720 16:9 / Vsync off / 4xmsaa / review mirror off / Graphic detail medium / Headlights low / Ground cover low / Tress low / Driver quality low / Skidmarks on / Dynamic Ambient Occ on / Track reflections on / Motion blur off / Shadows low / Reflections medium / Vehicle Lod low / Wind off / Damage low / Crowds off.  

FPS Result: Min 40 / Max 76 / Avg 56 (Actual Gameplay Benchmark) Turning the Crowds on after my tweaks does'nt hurt the framerate :) at 1024 x 768 the game fps scales between 60 and 110 fps.

Benchmark Update Okutuma Track:
Cpu / Gpu Settings: 2.2ghz - 575 / 900 / 1375
Game Settings: 1024x768 16:9 / Vsync off / 4xmsaa / review mirror off / Graphic detail medium / Headlights high / Ground cover high / Tress medium / Driver quality medium / Skidmarks on / Dynamic Ambient Occ on / Track reflections on / Motion blur off / Shadows low / Reflections medium / Vehicle  medium / Wind off / Damage low / Crowds off. 

Gameplay FPS Result: Min 63 / Max 65 / Avg 64
Replay FPS Result: Min 37 / Max 99 / Avg 56

High Res | Screenshot 2

Comments About Codemasters:Although they are a great studio - Leaving PC users out of the loop regarding extra content and addons for the game is a Huge let down for many Gamers all over the world, (8 ball pack and Prestige Pack) Secret Race Driver Grid Mods

Race Driver Grid Revival | PC Content Pack  
Gallery with Replay Mod icons removed