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Asus K50id x1 | System limits | Upgrades

Do not go higher than 2.6 ghz for the Cpu unless you want to destroy your laptop or you have water cooling or are running nitro & know what you are doing. The nvidia 320m Graphics card Shader clock must not go higher than 1400 mhz - as this is the main factor for higher framerates anything higher will cause a crash or Gpu lock down (my settings are 580/820/1400)

The Gpu clock must not go beyond 600 mhz(but not recommended I say leave at 580 higher than this = hotter) & memory clock - leave at 820mhz.

The Bottom line is the Asus k5oid x1 should have had a 2.4ghz Core2duo with a slightly faster Nvidia 330m Graphics Card , however if you don't mind tweaking and tinkering around the system you can squeeze out every last bit from the k50id x1 - see my game testing benchmark results and you can always upgrade even the graphics card to a 360m GT - still looking into that, but possible.


CJ Manning said...

Hmmm... I think that may be the difference in our two systems. I have the ASUS K50IJ laptop. I've been desparately searching the internet to try and figure out what my upgrade limitations are concerning CPU's. Right now, I've already upgraded to the highest model confirmed by ASUS on their website (T6400/T6500) which isn't bad. But I see on your page here you have the T9500 among many other 478 Socket type mobile processors listed and I got excited! I'd love to be able to have 6MB of L2 cache! But with your system being a SLIGHTLY different build, I was wondering if you knew what my limiting factors are on my system... or how I can find out? I did some homework and found out that all the processors I'm interested in are the same Lithography (45nm), wattage (35W), and socket type. Could you help me? I'd be happy to send you an email :)

Jerry Gene said...

Nice post! Can’t wait for the next one. Keep stuff like this coming.

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Brandon Hudson said...

Nice post with awesome points! Can’t wait for the next one.

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